Discuss Adidas Sales Force.

Need help with my writing homework on Adidas Sales Force. Write a 500 word paper answering; It also had the customer waiting and hence leading to poor customer service. This problem was addressed through a telecommunications solution.

2. Why do you think the handheld solution was better than the laptop computer solution?

The handheld solution was a lot better than the laptop solution because of various reasons. The first reason being that the time needed to boot the laptop, log in to the VPN, and access the information was the same as that needed to call CSRs. This meant that salespersons would rather call the CSR than use their laptops. This was not the case with smartphones, information was accessible in seconds. The second was the portability and simplicity factor of the Smartphone. It was a lot easier to carry and simpler to use when compared to laptops.

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Critical Thinking Questions

1. What other types of information, besides inventory, might salespeople like to have access to over their BlackBerry phones?

The other types of information, besides inventory, that the salesperson might like to have access to over their BlackBerry phones are customer database, product catalog, price details, order status information, sales forecasts, sales targets, salesforce route planning and navigations, internet, market research, etc.

2. What security concerns might arise over mobile access to private corporate information?

There are numerous security issues that arise when there is mobile access to private corporate information. The company’s confidential information can be now accessed by anybody who can get through the network. Crackers can easily break into networks if there aren’t strict security policies. This information can be used against the company in numerous ways. Apart from access to information, various changes can be made to the network that can make a deep impact on the company.

Case Two

Discussion Questions

1. Web 2.0 applications can provide benefits to employees in a business environment?

Web 2.0 applications that can provide benefits to employees in a business environment are networking applications like Facebook, micro-blogging like twitter, knowledge sharing like wiki, etc.

2. What barriers exist in some businesses that hamper the adoption of Enterprise 2.0?

Barriers that exist in businesses that hamper the adoption of enterprise 2.0 are traditional business culture and the belief that social networking leads to the generation of huge amounts of worthless data. According to traditional business culture, the time spent on social networking sites eats from the actual productivity.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. How might an information system administrator make a case for the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 when no ROI can be easily demonstrated?

The best way to make a case for the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 is to highlight the effectiveness of communication among different departments of the company. It makes it even more attractive if the company has an international presence. Also, the wrong notion that Enterprise 2.0 applications such as social networking eat out productivity must be proved otherwise. This can be done by showing that social networking can act as a stress buster to beat pressures at the office. Knowledge sharing applications can prove to be vital during an organization-wide knowledge transfer. Web 2.0 makes it very easier for knowledge transfer.

2. In a large global enterprise, how might Enterprise 2.0 applications be organized so as to provide local benefits as well as global benefits?

In a global enterprise, Enterprise 2.0 applications need to be organized with respect to business processes and the sub organized based on the geography and departments.

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