Disaster Recovery Plan

Part 1 – Disaster Recovery Plan

Download and read the Nozama Information Sheet
Build a disaster recovery plan appropriate for Nozama that:

Identifies and lists the roles of staff members, primary and backup, to contact in case of a disruption
Indicates purpose and scope of plan
Indicates instructions for activating the plan including how often the plan will be reviewed and update, and by whom
Identifies steps for addressing disruptions including listing actions to take for declaring a network disaster
Five instructions for recovering operations and restoring equipment and devices

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Present the plan in a way that is appropriate for the workplace

Part 2 – Summary

Append a 1-2 page summary to the disaster recovery plan that addresses concerns related to the following:

Potential security challenges
Protecting the MIS from common threats
How up-to-date information supports business objects and good decision-making

Present the summary in a way that is appropriate for the workplace

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