Strategic Marketing Plan Report
*Will need proof of no plagiarism*

To demonstrate knowledge of strategic formulation and implementation through a complete analysis and development of a strategic marketing plan.

Assume that you have been hired as VP of Strategic Marketing for Seventh Generations. You have been asked to develop the new strategic marketing direction and the plan of implementation covering all 4 P’s of marketing. You will also present the strategic marketing plan to the board of directors of the selected company.

The Strategic Marketing Plan should follow the outline below:
1 – Title Page (5 Pts.)
2 – Table of Contents (5 Pts.)
3 – Executive Summary (10 Pts.)
4 – Company’s Background and/or Problem (10 Pts.)
5 – Situational Analysis (60 Pts.)

PEST Analysis (15 pts)
Competitor’s Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Positioning and Market Share) (10 Pts)
Complete SWOT Analysis and SWOT Matrix (15 Pts)
Develop at least 3 Competitive Advantages based on SWOT analysis (10 Pts)
Develop a Strategic Focus from the most sustainable competitive advantages. (10 Pts)

6 – Describe the Company’s Vision, Mission and Values (20 Pts.)
7 – Segmentation and Target Market (20 Pts.)

Analysis of potential customers, segmentation of market and selection of Target Market that supports the Strategic Focus.

8 – Marketing Mix & Implementation Plan (60 Pts.)

Development of Product Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus (10 pts)
Development of Pricing Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus (10 pts)
Development of Distribution Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus (10 pts)
Development of Integrated Communication Strategies aligned with Strategic Focus (10 pts)
Development of Implementation Plan (10 pts)

9 – Formatting (10 Pts.)

APA Format Required
Title Page, Reference Page & Appendix
A minimum of 15 outside references required.
18-24 pages, not including title page, executive summary, reference pages and appendix.

Report Rubric
Area of Evaluation
Needs Improvement

Compelling.  Abundant evidence of critical and independent thought.  Makes connections in a creative and unique way.  Personal stance is persuasive.
Fulfills the objectives of the assignment.  Multiple good points are made and supported.  Personal stance is clear.
Connections are made between the course and personal experience, but they are inconsistent – some points are unpersuasive, unclear, or off-base.  Personal stance unclear.
Not reflective or relevant to any of the guiding questions.  Points are scattered or reasoning is haphazard.  No personal or unique insights.
<60% Organization Logically organized according to a clear plan 100% Clear plan of organization. May contain some minor irrelevant details. 80-90% Shows evidence of organization, but has minor paraphrasing problems. Plan is not so clear. 60-70% Weak organization. Plan is not at all clear. Poorly developed paragraphs, transitions and conclusion. <60% Support Main points are specific, relevant and supported with credible references. 100% Main points are relevant and somewhat supported. 80-90% Main points can be off topic and/or are not always supported with credible sources. 60-70% Main points are not relevant. Support for main arguments are not demonstrated. <60% Formatting  No misspellings or grammatical errors. APA is followed. Length requirement is followed. 100% No more than 2 misspellings, grammatical errors. APA and length requirement are followed. 80 – 90 % 3-4 misspellings grammatical errors.  APA and/or length requirement does not hit the mark   60-70% 5 or more misspellings, grammatical errors. APA/length are not followed. <60%

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