Data Analysis in Psychology: Online Activity

Analysis in Psychology:

Activity #2

Clearly indicate the values of important terms, including but not limited to
the standard error of the mean, test statistic, and critical test score. For
both questions, a two-tailed test is used with the alpha level set at 0.05.

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1. A
group of individuals listened to two albums (one from The Rolling Stones, the
other from The Beatles), and rated their enjoyment of each on a scale of 1
(hated it) to 10 (loved it). Is there a statistically significant difference in
enjoyment scores between the artists?

Table 1 Level
of enjoyment upon listening to an album from either The Rolling Stones or The
Subjects The Rolling Stones The Beatles
Matt 8 4
Melanie 2 10
Mark 5 7
Murphy 2 6
Mitch 3 10
Marilyn 1 4
Missy 7 5
Margaret 3 8
Mick 3 6
Shamus 4 6

2. Two
tutorials completed an online quiz in which possible grades ranged from 0 to
20. Did one tutorial do significantly better or worse on the quiz than the
other tutorial?

Table 2 Scores
on a recent online quiz between Tutorials 1 and 2
Tutorial 1 Tutorial 2
15 4
8 14
5 9
13 10
16 3
4 3
17 7
11 5
8 7
9 7
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