Compare shipping impacts before and after government regulation

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In coming full circle this course coupled with previous related courses focused on the 21st century’s changing business and supply chain infrastructure that drives a renewed focus on intermodal freight transportation through fast-changing advanced technology.  It is a crucial focus for continued sustainable profitability and economic growth through integrated operations, cost-efficient mode of transport, and effective performance goals (Konings, et. al., 2008).  In essence, this course helped to define the role of intermodalism for sustainable competitive advantage and market entrance objectives through changing customer and consumer demands for reliable and flexible coordination of freight and passenger traffic disturbances and opportunities. It is a flow of similar and different benefits and risks by various modes of transportation, infrastructures, and guidelines while enhancing my knowledge, skills, and abilities in this class (Konings, et. al., 2008).
Meanwhile, the course objectives clearly illustrated a thorough and orderly cause and effect information exploration despite, information overload, yet, requires no further suggestion on the delivery technique and purpose.  In that, the need for reliable and flexible coordinated services is well measured, explained, and understood for the growth of intermodal freight and passenger transportation relative to advanced technology in a rapidly changing global marketplace.  Because to remain status quo in traditional methodology, knowledge, skills, and expertise are to allow the already congested flow of goods and services to worsen in delays, high-cost, dissatisfied customers and consumers while foregoing potentially substantial opportunity costs (Konongs, et. al., 2008).
In short, the military employer being the largest organization in defending the nation and largely comprised of diverse employees; training, experience, and knowledge are crucial measures to achieving reliable and flexible coordinated services and guidelines to achieve success in mission, goals, and objectives in transportation and logistics sector.  And since the nature of frequent and constant solider transition between organizations and duty assignments; being Army Strong is to be knowledgeable, talented and calculatedly resilient to convey clear and precise information, readily prepared to respond to unforeseen disturbances in a timely manner, and address issues and opportunities for improvement. Serving in the U.S. Army for 12 years, I lock, load, and aim to become Army Strong.

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Hello all! We made it! Overall I enjoyed the class and I think I gained significant knowledge about intermodal logistics through the class. Using pervious knowledge from other logistics classes and field experience helped fill some of the gaps the book didn’t cover well.
One objective that I had to spend significant research time outside of the class portal was:” 3. Compare shipping impacts before and after government regulation.” While our book dove into regulation and government assistance, I found it difficult to follow at times. I was able to adjust by researching and watching videos on the subject matter.
Being a logistics major this course is not only a requirement but beneficial to my end goal in logistics. I currently work in the Nuclear field which relies heavily on intermodal platforms to move cargo from plant to plant. Almost everything, excluding fuel, comes in via containers. The containers provide a secure and universal method to transport goods, including radioactive items, from plant to plant with relative ease.
As I work to advance in the nuclear world, understanding the basis of intermodal logistics will set me up well for excellent job performance. Having a base understanding of intermodal as it relates in foreign and domestic traffic will help me be successful in a logistics planning/ routing role.
The information gained in this course has already been useful to me when I drill with the National Guard. Working routes and load plans for our annual training I was able to effectively use intermodal containers to limit trips and loading/unloading times. I look forward to seeing how this course will advance my military career as well.

Reply 100 words to student Ashley class 331:

Good Evening Class,
I feel that I’ve learned some valuable information throughout this course. I came into this class not really knowing anything on intermodal transportation. Now, I feel that I’ve learned what intermodal transportation and what it consists of. We went over the process of intermodal transportation and the pros and some cons of it. I feel that intermodal transportation is growing and will continue to grow in the future as this is the way many assets are shipped. I feel that I’ve learned that container shipping is the way to go and that it can save a lot of money through the process. Environmentally intermodal transportation seems to be the best way as it can take some trucks off the road during the assets trips.
I feel that I could of dived into how the US differs from Europe in intermodal transportation. I don’t feel that I got the full grasp on that. I need to read more on that.
I can use this class and the information that I’ve learned in it when I plan out a route for shipping something. Especially when I ship something overseas. I feel that if I have a job where I’m staging containers in a port or shipping them. I can plan the route out and figure out the smartest route for them. Also, I will have an idea of what the ports are like and how they are overcrowding. I will have an understanding of that and perhaps help with expanding. I would be able to help businesses out with tracking and shipping the assets.

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