Clinical psychology is the largest subfield of psychology.

Clinical psychology is the largest subfield of

12. There are fewer psychologists in the areas of
educational, school, and cognitive combined than counseling psychologists

13. Dr. Leland can prescribe drugs in some situations
and works with depressed women. He must be a psychologist.

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14. The first step in a psychological experiment is
developing a method.

15. Roger conducted a naturalistic observation as a
project for a psychology class. He observed the interactions of parents and
children at a football game. Many of the people he observed seemed to have
noticed him. Roger forgot about the observer effect.

16. The laboratory experiment always involves watching
behaviors as they occur without intervening or altering the behaviors in any

17. Dr. Samson wanted to know how college students in
his state would vote during the next election. By sampling the seniors at his
college, he can get a representative sample.

18. Surveys are procedures used to measure and
evaluate personality traits, emotional

states, aptitudes, interests,
abilities, and values.

19. Direction and strength are important in
understanding correlation coefficients.

20. A
negative correlation means that high values of one variable are associated with
low values of the other.

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