Answers for Part C Extra Notes For part C and DSome clarification on Assessment 3 Part C sections:Section A: please break / filter your results down per year.The MRC catchment area includes only the council named data: Mahutonga District Council (all other councils need to be filtered out).Section G: Info is missing here! We will set the registration cost at $60.Note the charts required are to only cover the latest 3 years reported.Breaking down the assessment instruction these are the requirements:The heading in column 1 is: Council Name. The MRC acronym is short to for the Mahutonga Regional Council. From the list in column A filter out all ‘councils’ except the Mahutonga District. Under Section A: it states total registered dogs in the MCR catchment (this means use only the Mahutonga District ‘Council’ data; you apply this to this entire Part C area and it should only require coverage of the last 3 years (2014-12016 however if you have covered a wider range at this point that is fine you will not have marks deducted)).All you need to do for section B and C is apply the correct filters to display by individual breed and cross breed for the Mahutonga District.Section D and E is also using filters.Section F: use your filters to display number of new claims for the Mahutonga District and , from this data you can analyse and create an area to display the Injuries for 2014, 2015 and 2016 only. If you have analysed a wider range of years this will not go against you.Section G: Again apply your filters and then add a revenue column to calculate the registration for each year (@ $60 per registration). Filters and a calculation also apply to expenditure for prosecutions and destruction orders for each year. Now again, you only have to apply this to 2014-1016, if you cover a wider range that is ok as currently it is not specifying the last 3 years reported (which it should!).Section H is a straight calculation based on previous data collected assuming again $60 per registration.

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