UE DATE – Submit through Drop Box
on CLEW by 11:59 PM on Thursday, November 27.

15 points (2% of
your mark)

This should be one-two pages, typed (double-spaced).

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Marking: This will be
marked based on effort, sincere thoughtfulness in what you have written, and
technical aspects of your writing – proofread your paper! Be sure you answer
the questions!

Write a one-two page essay (follow the
rules of academic writing!) covering the following:

1. Tell me about the thing
that you have learned or experienced this semester in The Child that you feel
was the most important part of the course for you.

2. Tell me how this
thing you have learned or experienced will have an impact on you in the
future. It can be something that is
content related, or it can be something about your educational experience, or
it can be something that changed for you interpersonally as a result of the

3. Explain why it
had an impact on you, and tell me why you think it will be important for you in
the future.

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