Canada as a Liberal Middle Power in International Relations.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Canada as a Liberal Middle Power in International Relations. A middle power in international relations is a sovereign state that is neither a superpower nor a great power but nevertheless enjoys international recognition and has an influence on international issues. The concept of middle powers arises from the division of the world into classes according to their military and economic capabilities. This division provides a state’s relative power in international relations and includes a division into great power, major power, middle power and minor power (Chapnick, 2005). A middle power ranks between a major power and a minor power and has adequate capability to stand on its own without support from other states. Middle powers are distinguished by their foreign policies, which involve the pursuit of particular types of foreign policies. These powers use their diplomatic skills in achieving international peace through policy behaviors that stabilize the global order (Jordaan, 2003). The international relations behavior of middle powers is referred to as middle power diplomacy. This diplomacy involves the pursuit of multilateral solutions to international issues and the tendency to assume compromise positions in international disputes. In essence, middle powers are important in bridging the gap between the major powers and the minor powers and adopt a liberal internationalist approach to international relations (Holbraad, 1971).

Liberal internationalism is an international relations theory that provides that liberal states should get involved with other states in the pursuit of its liberal.

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