Borderline Personality Disorder & The Female Patient Disorder.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Borderline Personality Disorder & The Female Patient Disorder. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Often patients who are difficult are labeled with the disorder without fully exploring all other possible explanations for behavior (Wirth, 2001). While it is considered one of the most often diagnosed conditions in the clinical setting with 10% of the population suffering from the disorder, one of the problems in asserting a defined prevalence of the disorder is that often it is associated with addictive behaviors or misdiagnosed (Swift 2010).

There are three primary theories that guide the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Clinicians look to biological, cognitive-behavioral, and psychodynamic causes in order to approach an effective course of treatment (Gunderson and Links, 2008). In the assessment of behavior disorders, finding a cause can be an elusive prospect. One of the predominant issues with the disorder is the overwhelming feminization of the condition, the diagnosis being one of the first areas of concern when treating a female patient. The relationship that women have with their social environment is a primary concern in the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. This study will examine the way in which society and the female experience within society allow for an increased prevalence of the condition among women and the ways in which it can best be addressed from a clinical point of view.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a crippling affliction that affects about 10% of the population (Swift 2010). Often, however, it is misdiagnosed where PTSD is the underlying cause of the social problems that a patient is experiencing due to abuse or neglect as a child (Baker & Velleman, 2007). The disorder can define the future of those who suffer from its effects with a series of unstable and unsuccessful relationships. Self-destructive behaviors will also be commonly creating an inability to find success and move forward into a stable and secure life.

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