Be sure that the character has a clear goal or objective. Read the entire play

Be sure that the character has a clear goal or objective.
Read the entire play, look for and list information (given circumstances) about your character that includes what your character says about themselves, what other characters say about your character, and any description provided by the
playwright within the text.
1. Score or mark the monologue by dividing each separate thought or beat (an actable moment) by placing a double
slash mark “//” at the beginning of each new thought.
2.Print the table with the monologue and use the white space below the lines to write out and inner monologue of what your character is thinking.
3.In the right column, identify a title, objective/goal, obstacle and tactic for each beat.
4.In a separate section, write 400-500 word biography of your character.
5.In a separate section, write a 300-400 word document that researched the “world of the play” that may include information on the time period and location as well as any events that might inform your interpretation of the monologue.
Items to turn in
1. Textural evidence
2. World of the play research
3. Character biography
4. Scored script

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