article: Organizations and Behaviour to the Success of the Organization.

Complete 12 pages APA formatted article: Organizations and Behaviour to the Success of the Organization. In the 21st-century& environment, model organizational behavior is regarded as the Launchpad to business success. In this regard, it is important for any management team to adopt modest organizational behavior within their business environment. The management has adopted various strategies in an attempt to ensure that the motivation of the employees remains high, an aspect that translates to increased productivity. Organizational behavior helps foster a culture that promotes efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. The employees’ motivation promotes productivity. hence, the managers have a role to facilitate it. One of the major needs of employees is self-efficacy. Various motivation theories support the concept o developing the employees’ self-efficacy in order to improve productivity.

The organizational change management models put emphasis on the need for effective leadership in inducing corporate organizational culture. According to Kotter’s eight stages of implementing change within an organization, effective leadership is required in implementing change in an organization. The management team should identify with the employee and seek their commitment to the implementation of change. Seeking employee’s loyalty is one step towards organizational development. One way to achieve employee commitment and loyalty is to provide motivational incentives. Motivational theories identify that one way of motivating the employees is to give them a chance to grow as the organization grows. The essence of this is that employees will have a long term commitment to the organizational goals, thus provide maximum work output in their assigned duties. Another way to achieve employees’ motivation is by providing opportunities to contribute to policy development. Taking into consideration the opinions of the&nbsp.employee helps to get them on board the organizational plan (Cole, 2004).

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