Learning Objective: The objective is to analyze the attached pitch deck for a possible New Venture from the perspective of: (i) trying to determine if it presents a viable Business Opportunity and thus warrants further action or investment; (ii) convincing me of your perspective through a concise, well-reasoned and supported written analysis.
Instructions: You are asked to provide me with your analysis of the Homads opportunity as presented by its pitch deck. (This is a real pitch deck to which I have no affiliation.  Therefore, your opinion good or bad, will not influence your grade.)
For analysis purposes you must rely on the data as provided in the deck, for it is as if it had been emailed to you as is.
Write up not to exceed three (3) pages; typed; single spaced; done individually; due via email per the syllabus.
Sections to include in analysis:
1. Summary of Venture – articulate that you get it, provide analysis of what is presented to you
2. Key Slides Included – where they the right ones?  If not, why?
3. Opportunity Strengths
4. Opportunity Weaknesses
5. Key “Personal Opinion” Factors – this is based on your personal business gut instincts, what would you have liked to have seen instead and what do you think the pitch deck needs?
6. List of questions you would need further clarification on from the founders
7. Investment Decision – As an investor, would you invest or not and why?
Grading will be based on the following:
– Quality and thoroughness of your analysis
– Validity and reasonableness of your analysis
– Ability to demonstrate and support the logic of your analysis/conclusions
– Ability to effectively and concisely present your analysis in a 3 page write-up (e.g., text, bullet points, formatting, clarity of writing and expression, relevance of points made)

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