A physical description of an object. not emotional, imaginative or interpretive.

Write 2 pages with APA style on A physical description of an object. not emotional, imaginative or interpretive. Teacher Object to be described: A book The object that will be described will be a book. A book is printed material that is used to convey ideas and instructions. It is typically made up of paper where its ideas and instructions are printed. Its shape varies but its purpose is universal which is to convey ideas. The contents of the book are its most important aspect because it could revolutionize the mind of its readers where great ideas could be created that would make the world better place.

A book is composed of paper where the printed words are written on its pages. It is made up of an outside cover which serves several purpose. The outside cover can be hard bound or just a sturdy paper that extends from its cover to its back. Its purpose is to indicate the title of the book and its corresponding pictures and designs to make the book appealing to its readers. It also serves as a protection that would prevent the contents of the book from being damaged which are composed of thinner leaves of paper where the printed words are written.

The physical description of a book are the following, its shape typically rectangle. There are however other variations of which could be square, sometimes oblong. Its inner leaves are made up of thin leaves of papers where the printed contents are written. Its contents can be made up of solely of words or pictures, charts, illustrations or any visual elements that would help the readers understand the book better. Its contents are also divided into chapters to organize the ideas of the book.

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The wonder of a book is in its contents. When used properly, a book is a very powerful tool that could expand the mind and horizon of an individual that would bring about great and revolutionary ideas. It can also be used as a tool to improve oneself and to convey ideas and instructions.

A book maybe just a bound of paper with printed word on its pages but it is the one of the most important if not the most important thing that mankind has created because it has expanded his or her mind that help create other things that made the world a better place.

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