research paper on to what extent did adam smith offer a critique of free market capitalism. Needs to be 6 pages.

Need an research paper on to what extent did adam smith offer a critique of free market capitalism. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism. Capitalists, in particular, supported Smith’s policies and often twisted his words to justify mistreatment of workers. They suggested that child labor laws, maximum working hours, and factory health codes constituted a violation of their rights and Smith’s golden rule. Similar attempts by factory owners to use Smith’s teaching in order to further their own ends continued well into the twentieth century. Historical Framework of Adam Smith’s Theory: The image of the nation state as we know it in the present day has started a long time ago in Europe when individual countries started to think of their legitimacy and control over the political and economical lives of the people (Hindle). During the seventeenth century, the most dominant theory is that which describe the role of the state as a legitimate authority that governs all the aspects of the people’s lives. During that period, many thinkers and politicians started to think of the state as the governing body and the ruler as the highest authority that should have all the power in his hands to control his country (Hindle). One of the great advocates of this theory of the role of the state is Machiavelli, who sees the rule as the ultimate power and the state as the highest governing authority. In addition, other theories that describe the role of the state looks at it as an organizer of people’s lives with minimum amounts of interference in the political and economic lives. This led to the existence of liberal democratic societies in many places of the world, especially in most of the European countries (Sidgwick). One of the main characteristics of this theory of the role of the state is the emergence of some trends such as industrialization, capitalism, and mercantilism. Such new trends have left important impacts on the role of the state in people’s lives. For example, the period during which the role of the state started to be minimized has been characterized by the domination of markets over state policies, climaxed in the initiation of the concept of laissez-faire, as popularized by Adam Smith (Sidgwick). Political economy for most of the twentieth century has defined a particular field of study – the relationship between the state and the economy. As defined by Karl Marx, political economy is a branch of science concerned with the production of commodities and the accumulation of wealth’ (“Political Economy”). This involved both different visions of its ideal institutional form as well as theoretical and empirical analysis of agencies and structures, and debates on the principles and substance of public policy. It was accordingly marked by fierce ideological, methodological and theoretical disputes. The different schools of political economy were sharply divided by their methods of analysis and by their ideological preferences. The rival camps agreed, however, that the main concern of political economy was the relationship between the public and the private spheres, although they disagreed about the nature of that relationship. In the public sphere, the arena of politics, the dominant institution was defined as the nation-state, while in the private sphere, the arena of economics, the dominant institution was defined as the national market.

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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Discussion: Posttraumatic Stress DisorderIt is estimated that more than 6% of the U.S. population will experience posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their lifetime (National Center for PTSD, 2010). This debilitating disorder often interferes with an individual’s ability to function in daily life. Common symptoms of anxiousness and depression frequently lead to substance abuse issues and even physical ailments. For this Discussion, as you examine the Thompson Family Case Study in this week’s Learning Resources, consider how you might assess and treat clients presenting with PTSD.Learning ObjectivesStudents will: Assess clients presenting with posttraumatic stress disorder Analyze therapeutic approaches for treating clients presenting with posttraumatic stress disorder Evaluate outcomes for clients with posttraumatic stress disorderTo prepare: Review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide. View the media Academic Year in Residence: Thompson Family Case Study, and assess the client in the case study. For guidance on assessing the client, refer to pages 137–142 of the Wheeler text in this week’s Learning Resources.Note: To complete this Discussion, you must assess the client, but you are not required to submit a formal Comprehensive Client Assessment.Note: For this Discussion, you are required to complete your initial post before you will be able to view and respond to your colleagues’ postings. Begin by clicking on the “Post to Discussion Question” link and then select “Create Thread” to complete your initial post. Remember, once you click Submit, you cannot delete or edit your own posts, and cannot post anonymously. Please check your post carefully before clicking Submit!By Day 3Post on or before Day 3 an explanation of your observations of the client William in Thompson Family Case Study, including behaviorsthat align to the PTSD criteria in DSM-5. Then, explain therapeutic approaches you might use with this client, including psychotropicmedications if appropriate. Finally, explain expected outcomes for the client based on these therapeutic approaches. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.


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research paper on financial statement analysis-final project-lululemon athletica inc. and the retailapparel industry. Needs to be 10 pages.

Need an research paper on financial statement analysis-final project-lululemon athletica inc. and the retailapparel industry. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. historical data of stock price of the company and stock price data of market. future predictions about the stock price movement of the Lululemon has been estimated. The report also analyzes the forecasted financial statement and earning per share of the company.

Also the report recommends investors whether they should invest in the company and industry or not. Valuation of the company has been done in order to identify the value of Lululemon. Also it has been revealed that the performance of the company would improve in the years to come as the forecasted financial statements state the company would be able to increase its assets as well as improve its profitability in the years to come. Also the expected returns of the company’s stock are estimated to be higher than the average market return.

Apparel industry is one of the most attractive industries for investors to invest because the demand of such industry has always been high. The industry also suffered because of financial crisis in the year 2007 and right now the industry is improving its position with the passage of time. The industry is very competitive with lots of brand names operating in the market like PVH, V.F. Corporation, Lululemon, Polo Ralph Lauren and Liz Claiborne and many others. This report analyses the current scenario of the industry and its future outlook.

The second part of the report covers analysis of one of the key players in the apparel industry, Lululemon. Lululemon financial strength and position have been analyzed and its stock price movement has been observed to estimate the future stock price of the company. In addition to this, in the report contains valuation of the Lululemon and recommends investors whether the company is profitable or not.

The performance of apparel industry has been ordinary in the second quarter of 2011. The performance of firms in the industry during first quarter showed mixed results as there were some firms like PVH and V.F.

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Discussion 1 Megan CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility is a business’s moral responsibility to support society, such as taking a stance on social or environmental issues, while still backing their stockholders.

Discussion 1 Megan CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility is a business’s moral responsibility to support society, such as taking a stance on social or environmental issues, while still backing their stockholders. Large businesses have the benefit of a major platform to support movements in a way that an individual group may struggle to do so. Not only is their voice beneficial when taking a positive stance on an issue, but even more importantly their contributions to help back the cause. When businesses support a cause, it creates a huge source of funding which helps to elevate the movement and heighten its impact. Two examples of socially responsible businesses: Lego Group: The Lego Group places a large emphasis on environmental and social issues. They are ranked #1 for having the best corporate reputation. They value their relationships, work to decrease their environmental impact, and work with children in communities worldwide (Lego, 2020) Levi: The textile industry is one of the highest ranked causes of pollution around the world. The people who work in factories finishing denim using techniques such as sandblasting are exposed to deadly chemicals which have been found to cause cancers and breathing issues. Levi took a stance and promised safe working conditions and put a huge emphasis and investment on their workers well being, and ensuring the use of an ethical supply chain (Levi Strauss, 2016). Businesses use their CSR in their strategic plan by implementing projects that can help to support their stance on a given social issue. It is also common for people to build stronger brand loyalty with businesses who have the same ideals as you do as a customer. Lego. (2020) About us: Sustainability. Retrieved from to an external site.) Levi Strauss. (2016). Worker Well-Being Implementation Guidebook. Retrieved from to an external site.) Beverly Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of a company to participate in initiatives to give back to society in which they operate, in order to make the world a better place. In the text, it states, that these initiatives can be philanthropic, ethical, legal, economic, and environmental in nature (Abraham, 2012). Name two examples of socially responsible companies you know and explain why you consider them so. (GOOGLE), Besides being the world’s most popular search engine, Google also achieved its 100 percent renewable energy target in 2017 and is now the largest corporate renewable energy purchaser on the planet. As if that wasn’t enough to earn a spot at the top of the corporate social responsibility totem pole, the company also provides grants to several dedicated social impact initiatives, including the Equal Justice Initiative, Goodwill Industries International, and Pratham Books: Story Weaver platform. (G. ALLISON, 2020). Google is still at an all-time high in my book they give great commune to its followers and helps in different ways even through their employers. The LEGO Group is one of the most notable examples of how social responsibility can be an incredible asset to a well-known brand. Their dedication to social impact is somewhat recent (a 2014 Greenpeace video put pressure on the toy maker to end their 50-year partnership with Shell Global due to their plans to drill in the Arctic), but the extent of their commitment has made the Danish company a shining example of the far-reaching impact of CSR. (G. ALLISON, 2020). It was rank at an all-time high by its reputation and listed as one of the important companies in the world. In the first week, I chose Healthcare Administration as the “strategic planning is in healthcare and, fortunately, the answer is simple. Strategic health planning involves creating objectives and setting goals for where a company would like to go in the future, and then constructing a plan to achieve these objectives. In this industry especially, healthcare planning must consider potential government policy changes, technological advancements, and economic trends that could change an organization’s operations significantly”. (Strata Decision, n.d.). They are composed of many components, they are operating on several levels, such as patient care, financing, healthcare systems must plan for future in more than just one way. In the healthcare field, strategic planning should never go unnoticed by neither facility rather it’s hospitals nor the health system, they are all looking to succeed not just for the short term but long term as well. References: Abraham, S. (2012). Strategic management for organizations. Retrieved from ALLISON, (2020). Classy, 6 Socially Responsible Companies to Applaud Retrieved from Discussion 2 Thomas Since the company I am researching is not involved internationally as of yet, I decided to research Ford Motor Company’s international strategy. Currently, Ford operates in North America, Europe, China and South America. (Ford Media Center, 2019) For Europe, they decided to stop selling some of their vehicles there due to low sales so they decided on three areas; commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, and imports when needed. It did not make sense to continue producing trucks and other SUVs in Europe because people stops buying them from the amount of space they took up. The cultural barriers that Ford faces is different in every country. For instance England, they drive on the opposite side of the road that the US does so if forces Ford to construct their vehicles differently than they do in the US. This leads to increased competition among the host nations local vehilcle producing companies. The emission laws is different in every country as well, so Ford has to adapt and comply with every country as far as how much emissions their vehicles can produce. These issues affect the strategic considerations of Ford because they have to constantly adapt to each situation with laws and regulations constantly changing. The language they should add in the strategic plan is that once they argee with the host nation on a style of vehicle and the amount of emissions, it cannot be changed throughout the year and cannot be held liable for not adjusting emission rates until the term is over with. Ford Media Center (2019) Ford details commitment to global redesign–reshaping overseas operations and strengthening North America. Ford. Adam Cultural Barriers: The company chosen is Durr AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The company is a corporation that was founded in 1895 and went publicly traded on the Frankfort Stock Exchange (FSE: DUE) in January 1990 (Mergent, 2020). Currently, Durr Employs 16,312 employees located in 83 offices located around the world in many different cultures (Mergent, 2020). With a diverse company such as Durr that is present on all continents around the world, understanding and being able to operate in all cultures is very important to the company’s success to be able to work worldwide. One way that Durr can do this is through cultural training for the leaders and the employees of the country since most will need to interact with offices in other countries and offices around the world. From my personal experience, Durr has done a fantastic job teaching employee’s how to communicate across cultures, what is perceived through personal interaction, and communication when dealing across cultural borders. As an example, in an advanced leadership training I was involved in, I learned about the cultural landscape around the world using The Lewis Model – Dimensions of Behavior, written by Richard D. Lewis (Cuco_admin., 2015). In this model, Lewis wrote about three distinct types of culture and what they were and what each needed to know to be able to interact with each other by understanding each other’s cultural perspectives. The three types are Linear-Active, who are typically task-orientated pro-active planners who do things on time and precisely (Cuco_admin., 2015). Next, there is the Multi-Active who is more emotional and impulsive that likes to rely on feelings and do not want to follow agendas (Cuco_admin., 2015). Finally, there is the Reactive type who are good listeners and like to listen to other people’s points of view and fully understand them to be able to form their own opinion (Cuco_admin., 2015). Since we live in a diverse world, the cultures blend in between one of the three models, and the Lewis Model shows where most countries and their culture fits on the model. I would recommend taking a look at this visual model on this website: to an external site.). This is just one example of how Durr trains its people to interact in other cultures around the world. Durr also utilizes direct export of its products and owns all of its business locations and staff them with nationals from their perspective countries. Durr does, however, like to relocate senior management around the world to give a consistent worldwide perspective of the company vision and company culture within each culture around the world. Reference: Abraham, S. C. (2012).Strategic management for organizations.Retrieved from Cuco_admin. (2015, June 22). The Lewis Model – Dimensions of Behavior. Retrieved June 18, 2020, from Mergent, (2020). Durr AG Company Details. Retrieved from Mergent Online database.

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