Describe how assessment can be created that evaluates a student’s true knowledge without bias towards language barriers, learning differences, or cultural differences. 

Guided Response: Review and evaluate at least two of your peers’ discussion postings. Does the assessment choice and rationale for assessments effectively meet diverse learner needs without being biased towards language proficiency, learning style preference, or cultural background? Provide suggestions for how to collect and analyze the assessment data based on the identified assessment strategy. […]

Explain your response. I am the Professor: I have been teaching Economics 101 at ABC University for fourteen (14) years. Nobody knows this content and how to teach it better to students than I do. I object to teaching a copied course created by someone else because…

“Instruction Evolves with Technology”  Please respond to the following: Historically, in colleges and universities, each instructor was able to create their own class. If there were ten (10) sections of EDU 541, each section would have different books, learning outcomes, and assignments. With the evolution of online learning, it became easier to create one master course […]

Develop an annotated bibliography to  indicate the quality of the sources you have read. For each annotation,  you need to summarize in your own words how the source contributes to  the solution of the global societal issue. Your annotation should be one  to two paragraphs long (150 words or more) and fully address the  purpose, content, evidence, and relation to other sources you found on  this topic.

Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Annotated Bibliography Prepare: To help with the preparation of your  annotated bibliography, review the following tutorials and resources  from the Ashford Writing Center: Introduction Paragraph Guide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Thesis Statement tutorial (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Annotated Bibliography tutorial (Links to an external site.)Links […]

Describe the conversation and end result. Practice asking open-ended questions to at least three different children that encourage conversation and extends the child’s thinking or problem solving.  Take notes 

Interactions with children Observe and record three different examples of an adult (other than you) who responded to a child’s cue by extending their interest of by creating an activity to support the child’s interest.  It could be describing how an activity was changed to support their interest or ideas. Practice observing children to discover […]