1. The Cost of California: The Homelessness Crisis: https://youtu.be/9sdvXR8u1

The Cost of California: The Homelessness Crisis:

USA: Homeless Students in California | ARTE Documentary

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Watch both videos, then answer the prompts below.
Share how your experiences has been with living in the Bay Area and the cost of living?
Or do you not currently live in the bay area? If so where do you live?
Could you survive off minimal wage as a student, partner, parent, etc? Or are you surviving now on minimum wage.
If you do not work or pay rent, discuss with your guardian, partner or parents about the cost of living in the bay area and if they could make a living wage and raise their family with a minimum wage.
Is living in the bay area worth the opportunities? Is it equitable (FAIR) for students to attend college and live in the bay? If not, what can the bay area do to change the cost of living? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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