1. Select the company and make a recommendation on a new product, service, or fa

1. Select the company and make a recommendation on a new product, service, or facility location appropriate for the company;
2. Explain why you selected the company
3. Include at least 2 options for the new product, service, or facility location you pursue;
4. You will invariably need to make several financial estimates based on a review of the financial statements and if available, similar projects by the company or a competitor; be sure to document how these estimates were made and at a minimum, include M&O costs, depreciation, labor costs, tax rate, monthly mortgage payments, MARR, estimated project life, and revenue projections;
5. Conduct the following analyses using Excel or other software (not by hand): IRR, payback, and AW using CFAT;
6. Make your recommendation in 3 pages or less not including any supporting work you include as an appendix. The recommendation should provide an overview of the project (new product, service, or facility location), a summary of financial estimates, results from your analyses, and a justification for your recommendation. The accompanying work for each required analysis should be cited and included in separate appendices;
In case you cannot find it, to calculate the annual MACRS depreciation for real property, use the following factors: 1.391% for year 1, 2.564% for years 2-39, and 1.177% for year 40 
make sure to add a financial report, and statement 7 pages 

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