Writing with a Brave, Drafting and Revising Eye.

Need help with my writing homework on Writing with a Brave, Drafting and Revising Eye. Write a 1500 word paper answering; I am a student writer who enjoys reading numerous resources but has a hard time integrating them all because of drafting jitters and difficulty in maximizing the revision process.

I enjoy reading different resources, including primary and secondary sources, because of their content and I learn something new also about the English language and writing styles. I like reading different texts because I enjoy learning something new every day. For instance, I learned from Lamott that even the best writers start with a “shitty first draft” (26) because it is not true that writing is as easy as sitting down and letting words flow, “bounding along like huskies across the snow” (22). Because of her, I feel less pressured into creating a perfect first draft. Furthermore, I love reading and learning something new about the English language and writing styles. Penrose and Geisler explore how students test the knowledge claims of texts (513), and though I am not yet confident in doing the same tests, I enjoy reading how each text challenges each other. From these texts’ conversations, I can find arguments that appeal to me the most because of their logic or emotional appeal or credibility. Reading is a mind-widening process, although, I know research and reading are only preliminary writing steps, followed by terrible draft writing jitters.

I have draft jitters because of the inability to quiet down the voices in my head before and as I write my first draft. Getting started is the most dreadful stage of writing for me. I can relate to what Lamott says when she feels that she cannot begin because of all the voices in her head. For instance, I have read everything and made some notes and summaries on my sources, and still, when I sit down, I feel like “pulling teeth” (Lamott 22) because I cannot zip the noisy mouths in my head, criticizing me every step of the way. Black knows the power play involved in&nbsp.teacher-student conversations, which I feel is there inside my head when I write my first draft.

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