write an article on The Impact of Immigration on the U.S Currently

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Impact of Immigration on the U.S Currently. It needs to be at least 1500 words. It is evidently clear from the discussion that one of the major avidly and important debate about immigration is the effects it causes to the United States’ labor and economic force. Approximately, there are 12 twelve million immigrants in the United States currently, and the impacts they cause on the economic status of the United States is perceived as both negative and positive. The major argument supporting current immigration in the United States is that the migrants are able to do the type of jobs that Americans are unable to do. Given the fact that Americans are unable to compete with the country’s immigrants for jobs, wage rates have not been changed for many years. The question here is, who is now hurt by the current immigrants by carrying out the jobs that the whites are unable to do? For example, the Americans who do not hold high school diplomas, experience much effect of this situation. Approximately, the immigrants in the United States lower the wages of low skilled workers by 3 to 8% per annum. In addition, the Americans who try to compete with immigrants in such jobs end up gaining an extra $25 per week if immigrants are severely cut down. Simultaneously, the low salaries paid to the current immigrants in low-skilled jobs aid in lowering the production cost, thus resulting in the reduction of product prices in industries like agricultural, restaurant, and construction. In addition, since most of the immigrants send portions of their earnings to their home countries for consumption, this stimulates the economy of the United States by moving out of the country and spending a big portion of the earning they make. Immigrants also improve production technologies that make their firms less labor-intensive as well as more automated.

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