write an article on The Emerald Forest.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The Emerald Forest. It needs to be at least 1000 words. Spirituality is revealed in the Invisible People’s culture through their beliefs in spirit animal guardians, in reading nature through the noises in the forest, and attaining a higher level of spirituality through snorting psychedelic substances from a narrow pipe (“Emerald Forest”). This may not seem much but in reality, it is through these trances that these people were able to view the world from above, and helping them gain perspective in choosing what actions to take, including actions that do not impact future generations greatly or actions that venerate the people that lived before them.In my view, the Invisible People have a happier culture that gives a greater amount of satisfaction than the Termite People or Modern People culture. Because the Invisible People work in harmony with nature, they do not cause problems in nature such as rising water levels during rains, high levels of destruction during storms, and even overhunting of animals. This is in large contrast to the Termite People that destroy large areas of forests that not only ruin the habitats of plants and animals but also drive away the tribes that were originally living in these areas (“Emerald Forest”). In addition, the Invisible People also have higher levels of spirituality and community connections as compared to the Termite People, which makes the former to create decisions that not only impact their present but also their future, while the latter only caters to the need for monetary gain., essentially becoming slaves to money and forgetting about their own selves and the well-being of others from different communities.

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