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This research paper explains the effects of budgetary logistical/ constraint on the manufacturing strategy. According to Miltenburg (2008), manufacturing strategies are aimed at solving manufacturing problems and assisting the manufacturer in their objective to have a competitive advantage. The budgetary logistical or constraints are expected to have a great influence on the approach the manufacturers would choose to solve manufacturing problems as well as how he chooses to look for a competitive advantage. The research explained by this paper, explain how budgetary constraint or logistical affect the choice of a manufacturing strategy as well as its implementation. This research mainly relies on a secondary source of information as our main information source.

Manufacturing strategy is composed of various aspects of a manufacturing process. This strategy is mainly aimed at minimizing the cost of production while not affecting production and product quality. If this is achieved it can increase the revenues of the manufacturers and thus increasing his profits. The most important manufacturing strategy in the today’s competitive business environment is the setup reduction program. The setup reduction program like other manufacturing strategies is mainly aimed at reduction of production costs while maintaining product quality. Though it was not introduced many years ago it has become very popular in the manufacturing industry and it is now greatly used by several manufacturers.

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Setup reduction program involves a reduction in the expenses incurred in designing a setup for the production process in the manufacturing industry.

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