write an article on Drunk Drivers Penalty. I

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Drunk Drivers Penalty. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Mothers Against Drunk Driving often argues, state-to-state laws on how to punish and handle drunk driving cases are not effective as they can be in limiting the number of traffic fatalities each year due to driving under the influence of alcohol. For Cari Lightner, who was struck and killed by a driver with four prior DWI arrests, including one only two days prior, tougher laws may have prevented an unnecessary casualty. For the purposes of deterrence, a harsher penalty including imprisonment should be mandatory for first-offense drunk drivers.

In the United States, drunk driving is the act of operating a vehicle while having blood alcohol content (BAC) of higher than 0.08%. In 2008, nearly 32 percent of all traffic-related deaths (12,000 in total) resulted from alcohol-related crashes (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Center for Statistics and Analysis). Between 1980 and 1985, almost 700 state-level drunken driving laws were passed, mostly due to the moralistic guidance of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which decreased the number of traffic-related fatalities to 17,000 per year (Lerner). Nevertheless, between 1985 and 2008, drunk driving-related deaths has bottomed at 12,000, meaning additional measures are necessary to reduce unnecessary deaths.

In 1994, Rutgers University philosopher Douglas N. Husak asked the question, “Is drunk driving a serious offense?” The popular perception, according to Husak, is that drunk drivers are not punished to the extent that they deserve, and that the justice system has failed to respond according to the wishes of society. The failure to respond may be attributable to the tendency of drunk drivers to be middle- to upper-class white males: respected leaders in the community.

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