write an article on develop a partial risk and mitigation plan Paper

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on develop a partial risk and mitigation plan Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! These are the malicious programs that are spread via the internet which damage stored information in the computers. High Attack by the malicious programs would lead to loss of information that is stored in the computers which results into a significant loss for the company. The first impact would be loss of documents while the latest would be total crushing of the ICT system. 2 Hacking The ICT students may hack the schools’ accounts, which would lead to loss of information and money. Medium If this happens, the school may lose a lot in terms of cash. This is because hackers can even clear the school fees for students with fees balances First impact may be unsustainable college due to the big losses accrued. The latest impact would be total declaration of bankruptcy of the college. Malicious programs As shown in the table, the risk associated to malicious programs is very likely to occur. Malware such as viruses, bugs and other destructive programs find their way into computers and other memory storage devices. Viruses and worms have been declared a big threat to businesses’ and institutions’ security (Brittson, Oshea & Reyes, 2011.) The last survey that was done for the 1000 fortune companies indicated that cyber crime is the most dangerous crime in businesses and institutions and that can drive an organization into a lot of losses. These disastrous programs have a very high probability of occurrence in the learning institutions. Most of the Universities today do everything online. Establishment of an ICT center would enable students to carry all the assignments and other applications through the internet especially when there is a configuration of WIFI. Since most of the students are in need of the computer facilities, they would be regular in the ICT centers to carry out their research. It is through interaction of students with computers that the ICT laboratories are exposed to the risks. This results from the various memory storage devices that the students insert into the computers for instance the flash disks, memory cards, diskettes, external hard drives and hard disks. These storage facilities if infected would lead to infection of the computers in the ICT laboratories. The other way through which the computers could be affected by viruses and worms, is through the downloading of non-genuine files, music, or movies from the internet. If the downloaded document of music is from untrustworthy provider it may be malicious to the stored information in the computers in the ICT center (Clough, 2010). According to Martin & Schell (2004), malware attack is always associated with the loss of information from the computers. This has been witnessed in many businesses and institutions especially in the cases of viruses and worms attack and also the hackers. For instance the attack known as Aurora which happened recently destructed a lot of information in many companies. In this attack, the hackers used techniques that employed a combination of stealth programming and encrypted techniques.

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