write an article on comprehensive planning

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on comprehensive planning Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! These are some of the items that bring abut controversy in the agendas of local government. With their widespread significance and usage, it is surprising to see that plans are hardly evaluated against standards of best practice. Despite the centrality in plan making about land use, to the regional and city planning profession, there is a knowledge gap in relation to the quality of produced plans. This may be because of the complexity of the plan’s nature, as well as future orientation which bring together issues, factors, and aspirations from many sources to focus on long term outcomes. The gap is also as a result of unsystematic result integration and lack of evaluation because of the perception that they involve a lot of art, which defy rational analysis. Assessment of Plan Quality New York New York is a metropolitan city that consists of a society that is performance oriented. In such a city, people should be able to judge if their development plans achieve their goals, and how well the planning process has been conducted. The plan by Robert Moses shaped New York City by providing freeways, parks and bridges systems (Ballon & Jackson, 2007. Caro, 1974). The aims of a profession like regional and city planning include enforcing high practice standards. Good practitioners reflect on their work’s quality and their experience so that they can learn (Meck, 2002). In New York, land use plans help the public to develop sustainable communities that value environmental, social, and economic values balance (Godschalk and Kaiser, 1995). These are the main subject matter elements of the plan, together with guiding land use in the future into configurations that are desirable. It also aims at assisting communities in addressing threats and opportunities, so as to make the best choice among policy alternatives. This planning presentation is clear in its organization. New York land use plan reaches the full planning power because stake holders are educated about options and issues, thus helping them to build consensus about visions of the community, thus mediating conflict between change and stability. The community’s participation in the process has helped its citizens in educating their future leaders and networks to resiliently respond to stresses like disasters. New York City Plan also gives the community periodic updates where the community gets an opportunity to assess the progress of their goals, and change in conditions that are important. According to Berke, Godschalk and Kaiser (2006), a good plan has a wide range of power to influence life quality, environmental justice, disaster resistance, economic opportunity, infrastructure costs, transportation efficiency and other aspects that affect community life. The New York plan is very comprehensive in taking into account all these issues. It is community oriented, besides allowing community participation. On the other hand, it fits well into Godschalk and Kaiser Development plan. It was systematically evaluated, to specifically identify the strengths and weaknesses, thus determining its overall quality through democratic determination of instruments and visions.

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