write an article on Applying the Literary Analysis to Ernest Hemmingway’s Indian Camp

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Applying the Literary Analysis to Ernest Hemmingway’s Indian Camp. It needs to be at least 750 words. Another prime example in ‘Indian Camp’, in lieu of lack of comfort for women in the story is when the Indian woman bites the doctor due to the terrible agony she is in. The doctor screams, “Damn, the squaw bitch bit my arm” (Hemmingway 2)! This exhumes a complete denial of compassion for the woman and the anguish she was is. The minute sense of empathy, from the white male doctor, is what leads to the Indian woman biting him in the first place. Do we assume then that Hemminway would have this same interpretation of women in the real world, outside of literature

It has been noted that Hemmingway not only discluded female characters in his stories but also in his personal life as well. However, even though this holds true, he is not the only literary artist that was subjected to feminist criticism (Walker 1996). Perhaps the reason Hemmingway had been singled out was due to the innumerable times he portrayed women with the same thin persona’s (Walker 1996). Furthermore, his short story ‘Indian Camp’ is laced with ethical dilemmas directly relative to women and the insensitivity presented towards them (Wilms 2005).

In conclusion, Ernest Hemmingway was either liked or disliked for his literary contributions. Though he chose to emphasize the male role more significantly than the female one, perhaps this was due to the time era he adapted too. Or quite possibly it was how he personally related to women. In Hemmingways’ personal life he had been married four times so this says a lot about how he did indeed relate his real life endeavors to his literary works.

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