Write a 5 page research paper on a topic related to your specific Group Presenta

Write a 5 page research paper on a topic related to your specific Group Presentation topic or aspects of it.
This assignment requires an integral and multidimensional approach to the Wealth and Poverty problem and the biblical solution to it. You must integrate the key elements of your ACU education; linking biblical principles with valid, reliable, research-based theory, and applied real-world solutions.
Assignment Guidelines: In responding to this assignment, please consider the following criteria when organizing your paper:
Overview of the problem [Causes of Poverty]— Outline the problem statement clearly in the first paragraph. Identify dominant research (who, what, and when). Compare and contrast various views and methodologies
In-Depth—Identify theoretical underpinnings and support by examples or case studies. Integrate scripturally relevant references and cite other supportive documentation. Include data points, graphs and charts, what works and what doesn’t; and provide additional insights that indicate where the research field is headed and why.
Applied—Discuss best practices and/or breakthrough learning derived from the literature. Provide explicit examples of processes you have experienced and the impact this has had on yourself, another individual, or group.
Concluding Remarks—Provide a summary, including introspective analysis.
References—Cite texts, biblical principles, and three sources, including alternative views.
Your paper needs to be formatted according to CAGS APA Guidelines (Links to an external site.) including both a bibliography and a cover page (in addition to the 5 pages) and MUST be submitted by the due date posted.

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