World Issues of Human Rights.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on World Issues of Human Rights. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. An individual’s right to life is not violated if they die when a public authority utilizes the needed force to: stop an uprising or riot, make a lawful arrest, and stop them from carrying out unlawful violence or escaping lawful detainment. There is freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. This right protects a person from torture (mental, physical or both). degrading or inhuman treatment or punishment. as well as deportation if there is a real risk that the person might face torture or degrading or inhuman treatment or punishment. There is freedom from slavery and forced labor. The law relating to forced labor is not applicable to work that one must do as part of a prison sentence or a community sentence, work that the government requires one to do in a state of emergency, and also it does include normal civic obligations, for deducting taxes from your employees’ wages if you are an employer. Everyone has a right to a fair and public trial. however, it does not all the time apply to cases involving: extradition, voting rights, immigration law, or tax. Every person has the Right to liberty and security. However, this right can be limited if a person is: mentally ill, capable of spreading infectious disease, trying to enter the country illegally, going to be extradited or deported, or found guilty of an offence after conviction and sent to prison (Equality And Human Rights Commission, 2).

There is the freedom of thought, belief and religion. however, public authorities in some situations may impede with the right so as to protect: public order, public safety, the rights and freedoms of other people, and health or morals. Every individual should have the Freedom of expression, that is, the right to hold their own opinions and to convey them freely without interference from the government. This right is restricted in order to: prevent crime or disorder, protect national security or public safety, protect the rights and reputations of other people, protect health or morals, maintain the&nbsp.authority and impartiality of the judiciary, or prevent the disclosure of information received in confidence.

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