250 to 400 words.

Sometimes in our organizations, we do not understand the “why” the change and the “makes sense” factor. I would like to offer some solutions to moving forward positively. Keep in mind, what I am offering here is not “doctrine” in terms of how to deal with change that does not make sense, what I am offering as a solution here are statements to consider to positively communicating forward a change process from a follower’s point of view. The more we help our leadership with the right choices, the better leaders WE become. Here are my “solutions:”

1) Do your own research on the change: This means understanding what the underlining problem set is in the organization and “connect-the-dots” to match how the change process will help solve the problem. This also helps to understand the “why” on your own.

2) Help your staff understand the problem: This means that you are convincing your colleagues there is an underlying problem and should be open to leadership solutions. This helps with the “making sense” part of why change is occurring. Educating your colleagues about the problem helps support the change model that the leader is proposing!

3) Provide constant feedback to your leader: Let the leader know that you are very knowledgeable about the problem set, and why the change needs to occur. Sometimes the positive re-enforcement helps a leader “feel” like they can rely on your knowledge and builds trust and confidence for the team.

4) Provide solutions to mitigating the problem: This does not mean provide a change model option or options to the leader to choose from, but more about providing individual solutions that will fix the problem. The leader will select a change model that would fit to your solution suggestions.

This interaction between the follower and the leader allows for the follower to “follow by example” and eventually lead. If you really think about it, it is the follower providing initiative in a proactive role to the team’s success in the change process. Followers are leaders too! This also helps answer the “why” and “makes sense” on your own.

What are your thoughts?

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