What is the Tippecanoe County Historical Association and what are some of the sites it maintains.

Complete 3 pages APA formatted article: What is the Tippecanoe County Historical Association and what are some of the sites it maintains. Credibility Statement: I have researched on the official Society website, and all the information I am going to provide to you is directly from the information that they have provided to the public.

IV. Thesis Statement: The Tippecanoe Country Historical Society is an organization that helps maintain and protect the important culture of their county. They currently manage four different sites, all difference niches of the collected past of Tippecanoe County.

A. “The Moses Fowler House was purchased by the Tippecanoe County Historical Association from Cecil Fowler in 1940. The association opened the house as its historical museum in 1941” as stated by the official website.

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1. ”In 1928, a local physician, Dr. Richard B. Wetherill acquired the land around what was believed to be the site of an early French trading post known as the Fort Ouiatenon Blockhouse (1717-1791).&nbsp. In 1930, he built a 452 sq. ft. replica of the fort on this land.&nbsp. The grounds lie approximately 3 miles southwest of West Lafayette on South River Road.”, as told by the official website.

a) “Join us for the opening of a new display of firearms from TCHAs collection. On view initially are 51 long guns and rifles with additional examples to be added as the display is expanded. The firearms in the exhibit were manufactured between the early 19th Century and the onset of World War II, with several fine examples manufactured locally by Bixler & Iddings and Thomas Underwood. Most of the objects on display have never been show to the public. Thanks to the McAllister Foundation for providing funding for the display cases”, as advertised on the website.

B. “The Library consists of books, vertical files, court books, microfilm, CD-ROMs, and has patron access to the Internet. The subject collection of books and materials focus on Tippecanoe County history.” according to the official website.


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