What is the role of managerial accounting in organizations given increasing competition?

Select one of the following topics to make your original substantive post. Please copy the topic into your Original Post. You need to make your original post before you can reply to your classmates. You will need to post a minimum of 2 substantive replies to your classmates.

Topic A-Susan Crosson Video
Please watch and thoughtfully discuss one or more (if you pick a short one) of Susan Crosson’s videos from the following playlist. Your discussion should list what video you watched, include what specific concepts you learned from this video and should be at least two paragraphs long.

Management process videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEA59E7EB268FC5F4

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Topic B-Principles in Accounting.com
From the following link, select one or more main subtopics and related videos. Read the material, watch the video and summarize what you learned in at least two paragraphs. Please also comment on what you learned (or didn’t learn) beyond the textbook. Let other students know whether this resource was helpful or not.

Chapter 17: Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Topic C-Accounting in the Headlines
From the following link, find site and discuss one article related to the material from this chapter. Your discussion should be at least three paragraphs.
Topic D-The Need for Managerial Accounting
OVERVIEW: Research the history of the development of cost systems and the history of cost accounting. Note the changes that taken place in the last 50 years, such as rapid advances in technology and global competition, the change in attitude toward quality is introduced. Concepts related to continuous improvement, total quality management, just-in-time, theory of constraints, and process reengineering are explained by a wide variety of managers, who stress how these concepts are now embedded into their operations. What is the role of managerial accounting in organizations given increasing competition?
After researching the history of cost accounting, please discuss the following questions:

What is quality?
Why is it important for companies to be concerned with quality?
How does management use quality cost information?
What are some advantages of a JIT system?
Why has the role of management accounting expanded?

Topic E-Institute of Management Accountants
As you know, financial accounting differs in many ways from managerial accounting.

The website of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) at http://www.imanet.org/ provides an overview of the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation. (See the CMA Certification link on the home page.)
The website of the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) at http://www.aicpa.org provides an overview of the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. (Access the overview at http://www.aicpa.org/BECOMEACPA/Pages/BecomeaCPA.aspx.)

Review the information provided on these two websites. Then, write a post (2 – 3 paragraphs) that:

Compares and contrasts these two professional designations (that is, the CMA and CPA)
Identifies the professional designation(s) (that is, the CMA, CPA, or both) that involves obtaining a license from the state in which the accountant practices.
Lists and briefly describes other certifications discussed on the AICPA and IMA sites

Topic F-Managerial Accounting Scholarships
The website of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) at http://www.imanet.org/includes information about scholarships and awards for students. Search the site (see search box at the top-left) and locate the information about the scholarships and awards that are sponsored by the IMA. Briefly describe the various scholarships that are sponsored.
Topic G-Lean Production
Perform an Internet search using the term, lean production, or the term, lean thinking, and locate an article (less than one year old) from the results of your search. (Make sure that you do not select an instructor’s lecture notes or another student’s post.) After reading the article, write a post (2 – 3 paragraphs) that summarizes and comments on the article.

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