What is management? What is the difference between Business and Management?

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Intro to Mngt. What is management? What is the difference between Business and Management? Management is the process of organizing things to the demanded pattern. The lexical meaning is to manage something that is undertaken. Under this process certain prerequisites are being followed which enable reaching the target set. These pre- requisites come in form of processes, roles definition and objectives declaration such as paths that must be followed and those that must be avoided. Management is another name for synchronizing and uniform approach towards an endeavor at hand.

Business and management are often confused and connoted in a similar context however, on technical ground they vary. Management is a generic term which can be applied to anything undertaken. It could be management of any kind of task. While business pertains to larger entity and usually involves more resources consumption, more manpower utilization and ultimately broader scope. Management usually requires more clerical and on the paper activity while business may be conducted in aloofness from the on the paper procedures and documentation. Business can be that of commercial level and outdoor activities. Management at the same can be applied to businesses while the term is non exclusive one towards management. In other words, each has their own domain yet management being implementable to business, while the latter may not be implementable to the former.

Describe the three branches of the Classical Approach to Management. In your opinion which is the most useful and why?

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Classical Approach of Management came to fore at a time when the industrial development rose up and the need was felt for making use of the industrial environment in a better way. As a result different modes of classical approach were introduced which are vis a vis:

Scientific Management Theory

Bureaucratic Management Theory

Administrative Management Theory

Each has given flexible options in their own way and have improved the manner in which businesses were being conducted in past. The proponent of this theory was F.W. Taylor (Raju & Parthasarathy 2004). While scientific management approach is reliant on the technical knowledge and based on that knowledge the execution according to the desired manner. In a collective way, these three models have paved way for the current state of managerial development and the fruit being extracted from it in form of high productivity and satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

Bureaucratic management model was more focused on public administration and the working and governance of the controlling lines such as political and line management. its traces can be stretched back to 18th century and the pioneer behind this idea was Max Weber.

Out of these three, administrative management provides more options, for the mere reason that it takes into account a more holistic approach. The incumbent mode allows highlighting all those areas which may lead to slag and low throughput. Administrative model is not just limited to the processes. rather, it allows focusing and targeting the workers performance which is a multi core process. While on one end, the employees are provided a better working environment, on other hand, these employees work out of more devotion and a as final yield more throughput, customer satisfaction.

Hence Administrative model enjoys an edge over the other two modes which are relatively restrictive in their outward expression and execution (Ogilvie 2005).


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