Need help with my writing homework on What Elements Constitute to Be News. Write a 1500 word paper answering; One of the primary reasons for this is the commercialization of media and journalism. In addition, the news in modern times is a product and a process as well in some cases. Still, there are certain set and agreed on parameters that define what news is from other modes of communication. Some of the established facts that define news are accuracy and interest of the readers. News is an accurate idea about a thing, event, or person that is able to attract the attention of the people give the details of something novel, and reveals some information or fact that is previously unknown. Another of the basic elements of news is that it ought to be objective, impartial, and must give an authentic report that contains consistent and complete information of the event and provide the related guidance to the people. These and related elements work as the criteria that play an important role right from the point of formulation of news to the final stage where it is presented (Stanley J. Baran, Dennis K. Davis, 2009).

News is not just any piece of information that is publishable or presentable anywhere. In fact, there are specific places and media types that hold those pieces of news and have pre-defined parameters that make the news. In any news, strangeness, abnormality, unexpectedness, and proximity to the news happening play are some of the elements that play a vital role in the valuation of the news and make it worthy of publication. These elements add respective interest to the story but none of these is absolutely essential. Similarly, freshness, enormity, and departure from the normal also add greatly to the value of the news, but even these are not absolutely essential. The prime requirement of any news story to make it a news story is that it should be accurate and contain facts or ideas that are interesting to a considerable number of recipients. Every day a news editor and publisher receives a number of different information pieces that fit the criteria of being new but not every news is publishable, therefore there are certain elements that a news piece must have to get the place in the paper or on airtime (Bonnie Anderson, 2004).

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