What are core business processes?

Chapter 7
Review Questions
7-1. What are core business processes?
7-2. Compare and contrast the core and support activities of a value chain.
7-3. Give an example of upstream and downstream information flows in a value system.
7-4. Describe what enterprise systems are and how they have evolved.
7-5. Compare and contrast customized and packaged software as well as vanilla versions versus best practices–based software.
7-6. What are the core components of an ERP system?
7-7. What are the keys to successfully implementing an ERP system?

Chapter 8
Review Questions
8-1. Describe supply chains and explain why supply network may be a more accurate term.
8-2. Contrast B2B portals with B2B marketplaces.
8-3. What are two process innovations enabled by effective collaboration within supply networks?
8-4. How does supply chain planning differ from supply chain execution?
8-5. How does supply chain visibility help an organization react to external events?
8-6. Contrast supply chain effectiveness and supply chain efficiency.
8-7. What is XML, and what is its role in SCM?
8-8. What is RFID’s role in SCM?
8-9. How does CRM differ from SCM?
8-10. What is a CRM system, and what are its primary components?
8-11. Contrast operational and analytical CRM.
8-12. How does analytical CRM help in monitoring social conversations?

Chapter 9
Review Questions
9-1. Describe the productivity paradox.
9-2. Describe how to make a successful business case, contrasting faith-, fear-, and fact-based arguments.
9-3. Compare and contrast tangible and intangible benefits and costs.
9-4. What are the four phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC)?
9-5. List and describe five techniques used in requirements collection.
9-6. What are the three major components/tasks of the systems design phase of the SDLC?
9-7. What are the four options for system conversion? How do they differ from each other?
9-8. Compare and contrast the four types of systems maintenance.
9-9. Describe the two key questions related to outsourcing.
9-10. List and describe two main types of software licenses.

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