Vargas Family Case Study: Genogram.

Vargas Family Case Study: Genogram. Vargas Family Case Study: Genogram.  Details: Read “Topic 3: Vargas Family Case Study.” Based on the   information gathered in the first three sessions, create a genogram   for the Vargas family. The genogram can be handwritten and scanned, completed as a PDF, or   completed using Word tools to ensure it can uploaded to LoudCloud.   Include the following in your genogram: All family members referenced in the full case study Include ages (if known), marriages, divorces, and deaths Substance use identified Mental illness identified All relationship dynamics PCN521-R-T3CaseStudy.docx PCN521-R-T2CaseStudy2.docx PCN521-R-T1CaseStudy.docx GenogramGuide.pdf   PCN-521 Topic 3: Vargas Case

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