traditions and cultural background of the understanding of the death in india, hinduism and other eastern religions.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on traditions and cultural background of the understanding of the death in india, hinduism and other eastern religions. Same can be said about dead because in showing and paying last respect to them we not only Esteem their memory but also build traditions (Garces-Foley 2014). Generally, death is an end of human’s life in this world and in this time bur, most of all death in all the cultural traditions is considered a passage to the other place or condition.

For my research, I chose Hindu culture and religion because as for me they seem very deep and intelligent. The whole Eastern concept of death in its nature somehow kind of denies Death itself or at least the way Western civilization sees it (Bhalla 2006). Hindu religious and cultural traditions are connected to Buddhism very tightly but they are way more ancient. They formed and developed long before the appearance of reformers and prophets like Gautama Buddha or Lao-Tzu.

Before proceeding directly to the history and concept of Hindu burial practices I feel necessary to make clear some basics of the Eastern understanding of the man, world, spirit, life and death. A lot in the Hindu religion is similar to the Buddhism and both these huge religious beliefs share some of the major concepts because of the long and productive relationship of two geographically neighbour regions – India and China (Michaels & Harshav 2004).

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Life as Eastern people see it is the Maya (illusion). Maya that surrounds people is the part of the eternal, forever changing and unstoppable circulation of the Sansara. Sansara is pictured as a wheel or circle and this circle is a circle of reincarnations. When one form is lived out the next comes to succeed it and that continues forever. Karma can be either bad or good due to the actions made during one or numerous incarnations. Karma influences Sansara so honourably lived life will be rewarded with better incarnation. In the Hindu, there is a system of Castes which in old times served social function but from the religious perspective can be seen as a gradation from the worst (Untouchables) to the best (Brahmins) karma (Young & Laungani 2003).

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