tom standages a history of the world in 6 glasses

I need some assistance with these assignment. tom standages a history of the world in 6 glasses Thank you in advance for the help! In a way, Standage made history a bit more interesting by tying the past with ancient or famous drinks that still exist in the present and has taken deep roots in mankind’s taste buds and consciousness.

Standage begins his historical account of human civilization through the development of human subsistence from living in a hunter-gatherer society that typically wanders about to an affixed agricultural-based society and relates these advancements from stone-age to the refined civilizations of the Mesopotamians and Egyptians with how beer and later on bread were discovered by accident.1The development of early agricultural methods such as soil tilling, planting, harvesting, and grain storage, up to the establishment of larger settlements with communal grain storages were described relative to how beer brewing came to become a drink tied with strong divine powers, of wealth and prosperity, of socialization, friendship, and hospitality, as well as an integral part of everyday living in many people of different social strata, occupation, and even ages. Other human achievements such as writing, the use of currency, trading systems, and even the improvement of human health and nutrition through water decontamination also arose out of the importance and relevance of beer in the lives of early human agricultural societies.2As such, beer was considered to be the earliest known important alcoholic beverage with an integral part in “the daily lives of Egyptians and Mesopotamians, young and old, rich and poor”.3

As human civilizations further advanced from simple agricultural societies to the expansion of warring states and empires, so was the taste for alcoholic drinks. The introduction of wine from the Greek city-states into the rest of the world’s civilizations initiated the seemingly-eternal association of&nbsp.upper-class delicacy and sophistication with wine drinking, as well as the development of pottery and drinking glasses.

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