This essay has an analytical and a research component. You will select one of th

This essay has an analytical and a research component. You will select one of the poets on the syllabus and make an argument about two or more of his or her poems, one of which must be in the textbook. You must defend your argument about the poems’ prevailing theme(s) with detailed analysis of the author’s formal choices. Generally, successful essays will examine the same theme (or very similar themes) across each poem. Be sure that your essay goes beyond summarizing the poems and demonstrating that your chosen theme is present, to show why that theme (and its manner of exposition) is significant.
To fulfill the research component of the assignment, you will find another example of the poet’s work—(not included on our syllabus)—to discuss in the essay. We will discuss methods for finding valid primary sources, using the FDU Library. You must include a copy of the poem(s) from that primary source with the essay, so that your Workshop group and I can read it (a scanned .pdf or even just a photograph). Be sure to include the other poem(s) on the Works Cited page. No secondary research will be permitted.
The essay must have an original title and be formatted according to basic MLA conventions (12-pt. Times New Roman font; 1-inch margins; double-spacing; etc.). All drafts must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.docx) and titled according to the following convention: Your Last Name-Essay #-Draft # (e.g. Smith-E2-D1; or Smith-E2-Final).
*walt whitman poems that are not on syllabus, i attached the syllabus that shows the two poems we have already analyzed

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