This assignment will consist of a minimum of five pages, typed, yes, I said type

This assignment will consist of a minimum of five pages, typed, yes, I said typed! Please organize your paper in the following fashion:
Cover Page to include name, date, and class period, lower right-hand column. Center and bold the name of the person you are writing the report about.
Pages 2 through 4 will consist of the body of your paper. You will need to do the following;
Using the information and names of the people you have been given I want you to write your paper in a chronological style. Take the topic, define it and then trace the history of the Eugenics movement from its inception to where it is today. You must use the names of the people that are covered in the information sheet. If you use the ordered chronological approach you can easily trace the history. You will need to talk about Nazi Germany as well as touch on how we are still using Eugenics today. Your paper must also follow the progression from ancient days, England, the United States, Germany and then???
Good Luck and remember: More is better than less, unless it is BS? Do not write filler! Write substance. You have an enormous amount of information to use. Do not cut and paste (Auto- F!)
Page 5 or whatever your last page is, will be your opinion of the topic you have studied.
Resource page: make sure to cite correctly all your sources. You must have a minimum of five resources with at least one being a book. A REAL BOOK!
The following is the criteria for your paper: #12 font and New Times Roman Theme.

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