thesis on the topic figure from american history ronald reagan. Figure from American History: Ronald Reagan In my opinion, America is what it is today courtesy of the Republicans.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic figure from american history ronald reagan. Figure from American History: Ronald Reagan In my opinion, America is what it is today courtesy of the Republicans. Given a choice to speak to a figure from American history, I would go for the 40th president of America Ronald Reagan. The importance of the role that he played in bringing the cold war to an end cannot be overemphasized. Suppose he was to be today’s American president, I feel his policies would be the most reliable in resolving the problems being faced by the world today such as. global warming, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, waning world economy and the accompanying poverty and its implications on the future security of America.

Security is key to stability of the American economy. In bringing the cold war to an end, Ronald Reagan ensured the future security of America. This had an overall effect of increased economic prosperity. However, with the resent trends of Arab uprising and American intervention, there arises a security concern directly linked to terrorism. The motive behind US intervention is unknown, but arming locals to topple governments after which the recovery of such weapons becomes impossible is a serious issue which calls for a decisive solution to the problem of terrorism.

The problem of terrorism becomes compounded when such weapons falls into the wrong hands. They can be used against Americans and in piracy across the horn of Africa which would resort to harming the American economy. The American government foreign policy is flawed to that extent and I believe someone like Ronald Reagan would have foreseen the problem prompting him to put in place long-term strategies to mitigate the problem of terrorism.

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In annihilating the influence of communism amidst an atmosphere full of desperation, Regan through optimism and decisiveness restored confidence to the Americans by doing what had to be done. At the moment, I feel America is doing little or nothing concerning the threat poised by global warming. America is the leading greenhouse gases emitter followed closely by China and if this trend is not curtailed, it could lead to environmental fiasco. Who knows what political, social and economical effects the changes in climate will have on the future of America? The tsunamis in Japan that caused a nuclear panic should send a message to the bureaucrats in Washington. In my opinion, Ronald Reagan would not overlook an issue of such importance as global warming and its implications on the security and politics of America.

Global inflation is another issue with which I would want Reagan to give me his views upon. America plays an important role in its involvement in international affairs and a curious issue I would want to discuss with him is the increasing Chinese presence in developing countries and whether this issue undermines American interests abroad in any way and if so what policies would he have implemented to contain china’s increasing influence in those spheres.

To sum up, I think Reagan is unique in that he is able to elaborate on the issue of security more amicably than anyone else. His policies would be much effective in solving the current global problems that the world is experiencing such as. inflation, global warming, terrorism and the proliferation of arms in the unstable Arab world. Security has always been on top of the priorities of America, thus it would be prudent to get involved in an intellectual discourse with someone well versed with security matters. That person would be Ronald Reagan!!!

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