I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Minimum Wage and Living Wage in New Zealand. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The minimum wage law dictates the amount of cash that a worker is to earn, in a particular hour of work. The minimum wage should not be surpassed by the employer, as it is stated in the rights of the workers. However, there have been emergent issues on making the livelihood of the workers better. The issue of introducing the living wage to workers is debatable in such a country, when there is focus on the living standards. The question is. should New Zealand raise the minimum wage of workers to the living wage of families? In this question, there are some people for the issue of introducing the living wage, whilst some of the people in the country have their issues with the law. Therefore, expounding on this issue would be appropriate in coming up with better decisions. This qualitative study will involve holding a semi-structured interview with a relevant party. The secretary general of Amalgamated Workers Union New Zealand will be interviewed at a time appropriate for them. A set of open-end questions will be asked relating to the living and minimum wages for workers. The study is important considering that both workers and employers are faced by constraints that need to be dealt with. The study will be useful in helping policy makers make considerations of various factors for the good of workers, employers, and the economy. Minimum Wage and Living Wage in New Zealand Introduction New Zealand is the country that has been struggling to make a positive impact in regard to its economic performance (International Energy Agency, 2011). It is an admissible fact that the most outstanding structure in making an improvement in its performance is by focusing on the employment levels and payment to workers. When a country has a high employment level, it is endowed with maximum labor. With such amassed labor, the country will be in a point of making a positive economic performance. This is due to the established production that will come from the labor intensity. In actual sense, a country initiates making greater employment for its citizens in order to make a plausible performance. In recent economic times, countries have been struggling to ensure their population is employed, with a decent work and pay. However, this is dependent on a number of factors. These factors make it hard for a country to make full employment of the population, and give decent work. These factors include capital intensity, production, ability to pay the workers and the growth rate of the economy. When the above factors are considered at acceptable standards, the country will have a positive encounter when it comes to employment. 1. An overview of the subject The topic Though employment is the main factor in this research, the minimum wage is a solid factor to consider. This is heightened by the fact that all people in the world need a decent work for their living. Decent work denotes a person being contented with the working conditions, the wages and returns from other jobs. Wage is defined as the reward given to workers, after offering their services. The wages given is remuneration for the workers, depending on the work and services they have offered. Therefore, the workers will be given their wages according to the work they have offered, depending on some other factors. Theses factor include experience, education level, merit and entry level.

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