thesis and an outline on Effectiveness and Efficiency of Humanitarian Organizations.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Effectiveness and Efficiency of Humanitarian Organizations. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In light of this, it is good to evaluate the role of humanitarian organizations to determine whether they are as effective as they should be, how their roles are changing and what can be done to improve their effectiveness and efficiency (Falk, 2013:24). This paper will examine humanitarian responses to genocide, atrocities and mass killings, and use relevant literature to support arguments and statements.

Are humanitarian responses as effective as they should be, or should more be done to manage genocides, atrocities, and mass killings? What are the dynamics involved in humanitarian operations? What are the impacts of humanitarian responses on conflict prevention and management?

Conflict and violence are part of the human psyche. it is not something that can be totally blocked out or prevented from happening (Heinze, 2009:41). The main causes of conflict and violence in the society are differences in opinion, especially with regards to interpretations of justice. People use conflicts to settle scores more than anything else. Today, the world has witnessed many conflicts that measures are always in place to manage them. We have accepted that we cannot completely prevent it and therefore it must be managed. Humanitarian organizations play a vital role in managing conflict and violence. They assist the most vulnerable to escape the worst of conflict and live through the worst of experiences (Hidalgo, 2011:17).

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By supplying food, shelter and important items like clothing, humanitarian organizations minimize the impact of violence on the vulnerable, such as women and children. Humanitarian organizations also play a vital in averting conflict and violence by educating people on the need to pursue alternatives to resolve differences. Conflict and violence are not always the only option, they say. Studies show that humanitarian organizations have been effective in minimizing conflict and violence through awareness programs and supply of food and materials to be used by victims of conflict (Magone, 2011:49).

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