The treatment of a psychiatric disorder

This paper is to propose a change to Telehealth law (456.47 Use of telehealth to provide services). The change proposed this law is to limit the number of times a physician can prescribe though telehealth but also the quantity at any one time or possibly cumulatively (which ever is best). so after doing research this law:

A telehealth provider may not use telehealth to prescribe a controlled substance unless the controlled substance is prescribed for the following:

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1. The treatment of a psychiatric disorder;

2. Inpatient treatment at a hospital licensed

3. The treatment of a patient receiving hospice services as defined in

4. The treatment of a resident of a nursing home facility as defined in

so from this we can go ahead and also use the Ryan Haight OnlineProtection act of 2008 to use as a support. but this law has flaws as listed above controlled substances can still be prescribed to the above listed. SO it would be good to include CHARTs and explain that some psychiatric disorder patients can Over dose with the substances given. and this is where we would propose the change to limit the number of times a physician can prescribe though telehealth but also the quantity at any one time. As well as maybe physicians abusing this and prescribing this substances to hospice patients and them taking their own life. there are multiple ways to go about this proposed change.


Introduction (discussing the global, national, state and local implications of the policy change and explaining how and why it was selected to focus on this particular policy change. At the end of this section it should set forth the proposed policy change in brief);

3 Results (this is where you states the findings – What the cost of the policy change is expected to entail, sources of funding to implement and maintain said policy change (i.e. the details, the specific language of your policy change);

4 Discussion (this is where you explains what comparable legislation and support for the group policy change having used the literature and other authoritative external sources to support the arguments made. Also, discuss other similar policies and/or if this policy exists elsewhere, as well as, identifying and addressing the expected concerns of suspected opposing interest groups;

5 Conclusions & Recommendations (this is where you can explain how the policy change accomplishes your ideals/intent of the policy).

6. REFERENCES At least one external authoritative source in each paragraph in each section to support the narrative in each paragraph. And at least four (4) peer review journal sources “external authoritative sources” are required to be used, cited and referenced properly throughout the paper. Citation of a source is required for each paragraph, on each table/chart used and in every sentence where a number appears

At least one source citation substantively used in each paragraph is required.

Data and Sources. All data (facts and figures/statistics) shall be referenced appropriately. References and in text citations shall be in APA Style format

.“External Authoritative Sources” for purposes of this course shall mean: articles from published books, peer reviewed journal articles, education and government sites as well as non-partisan national or international organizations (such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS etc.,) provided, the article selected must have:

5.1 Authors; and In text citations and references to support statements made therein.

5.3 Under no circumstances are newspapers (e.g., the Wall Street Journal), blogs (regardless of source), editorials, panel discussions, definition of terms, “dot com” sites

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