the questions of morality of abortion and euthanasia

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A newborn infant is also entitled as a person and there are no circumstances in which killing of innocent infants would be morally permissible in society. An argument that it is wrong to kill human beings who are innocent has been established. Therefore, since fetuses are human beings, they ought not to be killed aimlessly.Abortion is seriously considered an immoral act in very rare cases according to Marquis. The wrongness of killing a fetus is not defended and presented in society. When a human being is innocently killed, he or she is denied a chance to perform his or her plans such as experiences, enjoyments, projects, and activities to make him or her comfortable.

Killing a typical fetus is immoral and equivalent to killing another human being who is an adult. This comparison is made since a fetus is a person and we all developed from there. In the recent philosophical literature, the view of abortion has not been fully supported hence any type of abortion is entitled as immoral and should not be allowed. Abortion is immoral because it leads to the loss of many people in society who are innocent.Thomson does not in any way provide a defensive account of the right to life.

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She argues that abortion is not killing a fetus unjustly hence it does not in any manner violate its right to life. She also argues that in cases where a woman is raped, she does not extend a right to life for the fetus. This implies that if a woman is raped, she has the right to kill the fetus through abortion. In this manner, Thomson does not support nor provide any defensive account of the right to life of fetuses in context.Arguments in favor of abortion have been opposed by the traditional conservative case as discussed by George and Lee.

The authors have defended the point&nbsp.that a human organism which begins at conception, in a sense of the term is very essential to a human being. The fact that practicing abortion means killing a person with his or her own rights makes it immoral. They argue that the killing cannot in any way be justified or be non-intentional.

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