The Major Problems of the American Welfare System.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Major Problems of the American Welfare System. The United States of America struggled to remedy the effects by the inclusion of social and employment policies in the nation’s constitutional framework. The legislators and policymakers promised the general public about the provision of increased employment opportunities and social justice to all the citizens of America. The rights of senior citizens were particularly given more importance, to eliminate their fear of suffering from an impoverished old age. Therefore, several efforts were undertaken by the American government to significantly lower the number of old individuals, who are forced into the floundering sea of fear and isolation.

Despite being the wealthiest and the most influential nation across the world, the United States of America remains one of the welfare lagged nations. Throughout the history of the nation, it is eminent that America’s involvement in establishing the social welfare system has not been satisfactory because it has failed to keep 37 million of its population, above the poverty line. In addition to the lack of appropriate State involvement, the citizens of the United States of America have also failed to play their role in the development of a social welfare system and this has served to an important problem for the success of the American welfare system. Several problems have been plaguing the American Welfare System since its establishment in 1930. However, the major problem is of differential distribution of wealth and resources. In the United States of America, the problem of differential distribution is reflected by the fact that wealth and public facilities such as health care systems have been concentrated in White-dominated areas such as LA and New York. Whereas, Black dominated areas such as Kansas and Delaware have been neglected throughout the history of America. Delaware and other Black dominated areas have twice the rate of infant mortality of that in LA, because of inadequate provision of pre and post gestation health care facilities.

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