The Introductory business course, Bus100, provides a survey of the various areas

The Introductory business course, Bus100, provides a survey of the various areas in the business environment. Whether we recognize, or not, we all must operate in this environment. This class affords a foundation and introduces concepts, attitudes, and philosophies about business operations. The following topics have been introduced this semester: business ownership, management, marketing, accounting, finance and the securities markets, economics, ethics and social responsibility, human resources, advertising and promotion, distribution, and international business.
This final reflection provides students an opportunity to stop and reflect on the knowledge and skills they have gained and are able to apply to their own experiences or cite examples from various sources. True learning is demonstrated when connections occur between theory and practice and experience. We want to revisit the intended course outcomes. One important course outcome that relates closely to the business program outcomes and the college outcomes is ethics and social responsibility. We studied ethics in chapter 4 during the first 8-weeks of our semester. However, now that you are finished learning about all aspects of business, I want you to think a little more deeply about ethics. Think back on this course and related chapters and communicate what you have learned and what you are taking away with you. Please respond to the following:
Identify and analyze an ethical issue pertaining to business either form the past or the present. Describe how management either handled the issue appropriately or inappropriately. You can use one of the many, many examples we see in the news every day or use a work example of your own.
Explain what the ethical and social responsibilities are for a business owner and for employees.
What leadership/management theories and/or styles did you see applied or utilized?
Conclusion: Wrap up your ethics case. Was it resolved to your satisfaction? Were there winners and losers or was the solution a win-win? Was there an ethical theory that spoke to you as you analyzed this case? please describe. Finally, describe your personal business philosophy regarding how a business should be operated.
Conclusion–Course Comments: Any course feedback? What did you like best about this online course? What did you like least? What do you think needs to be changed?
Your reflection journal should be around 700 words (around 4-pages), double-spaced with a size 12 font, 1-inch margins and should be submitted to me through the Assignment Tool. Remember, to estimate the appropriate length of your assignment, use the word count feature under the tool bar menu in MS Word. Don’t forget to spell and grammar-check your work.

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