The Impact of Networked Technology on Journalism.

Need help with my writing homework on The Impact of Networked Technology on Journalism. Write a 2000 word paper answering; This analysis focuses on the state of journalism and journalists within the current digital environment. It also seeks to respond to the questions of what and why there should be a rethink of journalism, even as networked technological changes to be a disruption.

Within networked environments where journalists currently work, new ideas come to the surface on a daily basis. Some of the facts include increased audience feedback as integration sets in, listening to more voices, different points of view for the same stories, increased news coverage that are achieved and retrievable for longer periods, increased focus on men and women of power, and increased involvement of people with events in the world. The dynamic structure of incessant and differentiated witnessing and reporting has no implication of crisis in journalism (Grueskin, Seave & Graves, 2011). On the recalcitrant, it is an explosion of journalism. Statistics show that journalism as a profession is more alive than ever, and it undergoes increment in terms of both structure and subject matter at an amazing speed.

With regard to rethinking why journalism is in a crisis, research reveals that “crisis” appears to be essentially a conventional business framework for print and broadcast journalism (Grueskin, Seave, and Graves, 2011). Given the fact that the audience can make choices about the source of information from a wide range of sources, most people decide to go less for newspapers and network TV. As a result, they settle more for online news, satellites, cable, radio, and now smart-phones. People are no longer ready to pay for news, and at the same time advertisement follows readers, viewers, and users of the internet. In addition, the once-broad audience initially dominated by mainstream media remains more divided, calling for media companies to customize their information or program niche audiences. The movie focuses on business concepts based on selling advert space in newspapers and on broadcast TV. Since there are changes in media use, companies should become more creative to maintain profitability. Some media companies are failing since businesses largely have overlooked the changes.

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