The Impact of Bullying Prevention Programs in Highschool.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on The Impact of Bullying Prevention Programs in Highschool. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length.

What are the measures taken by educators and all education stakeholders to reduce or end bullying? Do they have negative or positive impacts on both the victims and perpetrators?Bullying is commonly defined as “a subtype of aggression” which can take both verbal and physical forms. A researcher described bullying as “intentional, harmful, aggressive behavior of a more powerful person or group of people directed repeatedly towards a less powerful person, usually without provocation” (Harris).

Though perpetrated in common acts such as name-calling and mild hitting, bullying can take ominous forms as seen in the Columbine tragedy. Bullying can also come in the modes of cyber-bullying (where the bullying behavior takes place in virtual settings such as emails) and relational aggression.Studies conducted in America decipher that up to 30% of American students report frequent and fervent bullying experiences in both victim’s and instigators’ capacity (Nansel 29). Other research shows the bullying frequency standing at 44%.

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Generally, boys are more probable to engage in physical bullying activities compared to girls. Girls, on the other hand, are more likely to engage in relational aggression and other verbal and emotional forms of bullying. As many as 7% of eighth-graders have confirmed staying at home at least once a month due to fears of being bullied when in school. In the past, bullying activities have been seen to increase and persist during the early adolescent ages (Nansel 34). This only reinforces the importance of prevention and intervention works to create a peaceful transition from elementary to middle schools.

Why do students engage in bullying activities? Students have been known to engage in bullying because of a number of reasons. Such reasons include experiencing excitement, gaining attention and popularity, obtaining material possessions, acting out the psychological problems emanating from a troubled home&nbsp.environment, joining the “in” crowd and perhaps copying someone that is perceived as cool.

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