The final step in your Research Project is the Analytic Reflection (1-2 pages),

The final step in your Research Project is the Analytic Reflection (1-2 pages), which gives you an opportunity to reflect critically and analytically on the process of researching and writing your final paper.
Your goals:
To examine your rhetorical choices thoughtfully and completely
To write reflectively about the process of researching and composing your paper
To demonstrate engagement with the research project assignment
Your Analytic Reflection will have two main sections. Create two headings, one titled “Analysis”; the other titled “Reflection.”
Under Analysis, consider the following questions. (Note: These are generative questions to get you started. You should try to answer all of them, but by no means are you limited to just these questions.) :
What was your approach to your analysis of the primary text(s)? How did this approach help you contribute to a larger conversation about either the primary text or the issue on which you focus? What kind of audience do you imagine for your paper? What do you want readers to take away from your paper?
Under Reflection, consider these questions (Again, these are generative questions.):
How would you describe your experience of researching for and writing this paper? Did you encounter moments of frustration? What aspects of the process were most rewarding or illuminating? What did you learn about your research and composing processes? How have you grown through this process? What are you still working on?

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