The Effects of Colour on Human Psychological Functioning.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Effects of Colour on Human Psychological Functioning. Every day, we encounter people, objects and various environments which are full of colour. Since colour is ubiquitous in people’s lives, it is to be expected that a lot of research be conducted in the past focus on the physiology, physics and psychological effects of colour. What is surprising though is the difference in the amount of research that has been conducted on the physiology and physics of colour, in comparison with the amount of research that has been conducted on colour psychology. (Wright, 1998). This study focuses on the effect of colour on psychological functioning and achievement performance and emerges from applied concerns based on subjective reports of psychiatric patients and speculation. According to Goethe, Goldstein (1942) “the body has inherent psychological reactions to colour that are reflected in psychological experiences and functioning. Colours relative to green and blue are experienced as quieting and agreeable and focus individuals inward. While colours like red and yellow are experienced as stimulating and disagreeable and focus individuals on the outward environment.” (Goethe, Goldstein 1942). Most research that has been conducted on colour and performance show a direct attempt at discovering which colours, if any, boost students’, athletes’, or workers’ performance or productivity. (Rosenstein, 1985)

This experiment is designed to discern the effect of the colours green, red and black on an individual’s anagram performance. The colour red will be selected as the chromatic contrast to green, as both colours are considered to be opposite, going by several well-established colour models. Additionally, red usually carries the avoidance-oriented meaning to stop, in contrast with the approach oriented meaning to go when a traffic light turns green. The colours black and grey are seen to be achromatic or neutral. Thus black will be used as the neutral&nbsp.colour in the course of this experiment.

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